In accordance with our published rules, it is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of the Young Songwriters Competition.

The competition was designed to give Young Songwriters the chance to have fun and to raise funds for the Barnardo’s charity. We were hoping that we could follow on from the very good start that we made in 2010, however, as of today we have just 47 validated songs entered from only 21 entrants in 17 Schools or Organisations.

There are many probable factors for the lack of entries, we have been unable to attract the publicity we would have liked, although we did receive quite a good response from schools expressing an interest in the competition, this has not turned into entries. We have also been made aware of a similar competition, through an email we received recently. The competition, being run by Teaching Music, is called “The Next BRIT Thing” and, as well as singing and composition categories, includes a “Songwriting” Category. We decided to cancel our competition now to allow your songwriters the chance to enter this competition which seems to offer a better chance for those taking part.

Full details of that competition can be found at and, while time is short for entry, we thought it fair to alert you to it now as your pupils have ready made songs to upload.

Once again, we are sorry that we cannot carry on with our competition, however we wish you all well in the future, and perhaps in entries you may make to “The Next BRIT Thing”.

We would like to thank those schools who had entered the competition and apologise that their efforts will not now be used and ask them to thank the pupils who also contributed their songs to us.

We would also like to thank our supporters and those who had agreed to be judges for the competition.

We have left our songwriting videos in place for anyone who wishes to use them in the future.